MBK Updates

MBK blanks

PBT blank low profile keycaps for Choc switches

MBK blank keycaps are made of strong PBT material, with a textured top surface for a better finger grip, and keep a consistent shape and feel over time. They have been mass produced since 2020, and remain a reference in the keycaps industry for low profile keyboards.

Dyed MBK were PBT keycaps colored by soaking them in a bath of dye. They are no longer produced. Some vendors might have remaining inventory, or be dyeing the keycaps themselves.

Available colors

  • White
  • Black
  • "Chili" Red
  • "Steel" Grey
  • "Arctic" Blue
  • "Cream" Yellow
  • "Lavender" Purple
  • "Mint" Green
  • "Rose" Pink
  • "Violet" Purple



MBK keycap sets with legends