MBK Updates

MBK Keycaps

#1 keycaps for Choc low profile switches

  • Slightly textured
  • Dye sub legends
  • Durable PBT material
  • Shinethrough material
  • Laser etched legends
  • Colored PU coating

MBK has been the first profile for low profile Choc switches to satisfy the mechanical keyboard enthusiasts community's needs. It used to be available in PBT blanks only, and now comes in various flavors including shinethrough ABS for RGB lovers, dyed PBT to bring some colors and dye sub PBT with nice and durable legends.


  • PBT or ABS material
  • For Kailh Choc switches
  • WxH (mm): 17.5 x 16.5



Max Burger a Designer / Software Engineer who couldn't find a good low profile keycap and thus decided to design his own.

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