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URSA Keycaps

Topre-compatible spherical keycaps


URSA is a medium height keycap profile specifically made for Topre keyboards. It features a bespoke row profile combined with a deep dish spherical top surface for a smooth and accurate typing experience.

URSA keycaps are compatible with HHKB, Realforce and Leopold keyboards, enhancing the feeling of oneness with cup rubber.

3D Printed samples


23 Andreas designed URSA out of love for deep dish spherical keycaps, inspired by vintage keycaps of the 1970s and 80s.


  • Topre-compatible
  • Doubleshot thick PBT
  • W x H (mm): 18.3 x 18.3

Concept renders

Row profile

Rows are numbered from 1 ("function" or "numbers" row) to 5 (space bar), following established standards.

Mind that in the URSA profile, the bottom row's default shape is convex. This is non-standard, and makes typing on the bottom row keys with the thumbs (or pinkies) a more precise and comfortable experience.

The row profile was developed with an incline of 6 degrees, a good average of popular Topre keyboards. It feels great on HHKB, Realforce and Leopold alike. The touch area inclination and distance was refined for short key travel.

Keycaps sculpt

Spherical deep dish

Meticulous care went into sculpting the dish as deep yet as continuous as possible for a smooth touch while still expressing character.

Flat top edge

The flat top edge is a bespoke choice. Contrary to other designs it does not deform to serve the spherical profile of the dish.

Convex side walls

In the tradition of spherical keycaps the profile features a slight convex shape which underlines the curved nature of the top surface.

Skirt lips

The addition of the vertial extruded bottom edges imbues an exalted appearance of the overall design.

Convex modifiers

To maximize comfort, the bottom row features convex touch areas for the modifier keys. An increased front fillet also provides a smoother edge.

Profile comparison




URSA Updates