URSA Keycaps Survey

23_Andreas and FK are teaming up to bring you the best possible keycaps for HHKB, Realforce, Topre and Leopold keyboards. We are going for nothing less than thick doubleshot PBT keycaps, so read on and let us know what you need!

URSA is a medium height keycap profile specifically made for Topre keyboards. It features a bespoke row profile combined with a deep dish spherical top surface for a smooth and accurate typing experience.

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Initial colorway: URSA MiniCom

URSA MiniCom, the first URSA keycap set, is a collab with the one and only biip!

About URSA MiniCom

Inspired by the golden age of computer terminals and taking on the colorway of the iconic Minitel, Ursa MiniCom brings a touch of nostalgia while remaining timeless paired with the new vintage-inspired URSA keycap profile.

Elegant but neutral, the brownish color scheme evokes the aesthetics of the 80s micro-computers but can also fit any Topre keyboard's color (whether it's black, white, or anything else) by offering enough contrast and depth to the overall keyboard.

And, if monochrome keycap sets aren't your thing, we've got you covered: Green accents are being offered in order to create a visually appealing contrast and add a touch of color.

— biip

More colorways

Along with MiniCom, we'll be offering one or two "basic" colorways. We need your vote below to plan our stock accordingly! As URSA grows, we'll be able to offer more and more in stock options.


Kits compatibility

We will be offering 3 kits with legends, and one blanks kit:

  • Base kit includes 79 keys, and is only compatible with HHKB, and Leopold FC660C.
  • Extension kit includes 53 keys, and extends the base kit to provide compatibility with most other OEM ANSI keyboards.
  • Accents kit includes 9 keys, and offers additional options to splash some colors on your keyboard.
  • Blanks kit includes 132 keys, and is fully compatible with most OEM ANSI keyboards.

About ISO and JIS support

Please note: The initial release of URSA does not currently offer ISO and JIS compatibility. We understand that this may pose an inconvenience for those seeking coverage for these boards. However, we would greatly appreciate your input on the following questions to help us concentrate our efforts on developing ISO/JIS compatibility for future releases.
Do I need to get the extension kit? 👆
The colors displayed in the kits are not final product colors. They are selected for differentiation purposes.

Layout mods

If you are using any layout mod on your keyboard, let us know here:

Toggle the switch above if you have activated this feature using the keyboard dipswitches.

Including this mod to the base kit means moving a few keys from the extension kit, so you just need the base kit. This will be approved if we get enough upvotes.


We will be ordering sets, then offering them as in-stock items once they are available and ready to ship. It is crucial for us to plan wisely, considering this is not a group buy, to ensure everyone gets the option they want.

79 keys, compatible with HHKB and FC660C only
$80 Base kit
53 keys, extends compatibility with all other ANSI keyboards
$40 Extension kit
9 keys, mix with another kit to splash some colors
$15 Accent kit

79 keys, compatible with HHKB and FC660C only
$80 Base kit
53 keys, extends compatibility with all other ANSI keyboards
$40 Extension kit
9 keys, mix with another kit to splash some colors
$15 Accent kit
132 keys, low price for an option without any legends
$60 Blanks kit

Your Topre keyboards

In order to better understand which keyboard options are popular, and offer more products in the future:

What keyboard(s) do you own?





Shipping location

We plan to ship from the US or Europe, so that you get your package quickly, and without any custom fees. Let us know where you are to see if we need even more locations.

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