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SLK Dessau

First SLK keycap set

Inspired by retro German industrial design, the keyset was designed by kema and features a modern classic monospace typeface with a number of modified base glyphs and kerning adjustments for a more cohesive look and feel. The keyset comes in light and dark dye-sublimated colorways with shift and shifted legends accented in red or yellow to highlight their function.


Kema is a designer based in San Francisco who has been working on keycap projects for fun since 2018 (ie. GMK Future Funk, GMK Peach Blossom and KAM Little Pilot).

GB ends May 31st Pre-order now!



Base kit

Choose between light and dark color themes. Fills most 60%, 65%, 75%, TKL and full-size keyboards. Supports split backspace, split right shift, various bottom row configurations and Esc key accents. Spacebars included: 6.25u, 7u.

Compact kit

Pair with a Base Kit to support most 40%, Ergo and Ortho keyboards. Spacebars included: 2x1u, 2x1.75u, 2x2u, 1x2.25u, 1x2.75u, 2x3u

International & misc kit

Includes keycaps for ISO UK, DE, SE, NO, and DK language support, homing keys for Colemak and Dvorak users, and Mac modifiers.

SLK Updates