HEX Updates


Hexagonal keys low profile macropad

With a case made of machined aluminum, its 12 unique hexagonal keycaps, this macropad can't go unnoticed on any desk. Add to that the per-key RGB LEDs and it's christmas already.
Configurable with QMK, and using low profile Choc switches this macropad does a great job at brightening one's day and making key combos handy.
Designed by s-ol


  • 12 keys low profile macropad
  • Programmable keys (QMK)
  • HEX keycaps
  • per-key RGB
  • USB-C
  • Aluminum CNC'd plate


Purchase from our partner vendors:

Kits require soldering skills and 12 low profile Choc switches.
Only s-ol, the designer, offers the macropad assembled and ready to go.



s-ol originally designed this macropad as a spin-off project while looking into music keyboard design. This project is an affordable and fun macropad that paves the way for bigger keyboards.